What do I need to do?

If you are looking for 100% FREE:

  • Sign Up in our community
  • ADD unlimited number of your video, website or product full URLs.
  • You will get 10 free views initially.
  • Follow below procudures to get more views.


How do I get more views for free?

  • Sign In to our community
  • Go and Click start earn points
  • You will get buttons for watching other video, website or product pages.
  • Watch every video or page for 60 seconds
  • Watch more and more whenever you have time.
  • You will get earning points.
  • Each point is equal to one view.


What is the use of those points?

  • Every point will bring you one view for your video, website or product pages.
  • Click on My Videos button and Open My videos
  • Distribute your earnings to your video, website or product pages as per your requirement.
  • Other users will watch your videos based on your point allocation.
  • Whenever other members watch your video once, one point will be reduced from the distributed to point.


How do I increase my point earning?

  • As a new user you will get 2 point for each of your video, website or product page watch.
  • You have different ways to increase your point earning.
    • You can upgrade your account to PREMIUM accounts
    • When you cross the border, you also get upgraded automatically. It is based on periodical offers.
    • Example:
      • If you watched 100 videos your earn rate will increase to 3 point for each watch.
      • If you watched 300 videos your earn rate will increase to 4 point for each watch.


How genuine are my video view earnings?

  • Each user can watch a video only once.
  • We are sure that you will get the genuine video views.


How do I promote without watching your video?

  • You can purchase views from our community home page.
  • You can allocate your purchased points to your video, website or product page as mentioned above
  • Some time you may get surprise offers


How to I purchase without registration?

  • Purchase views directly from our site with just your email address.
  • Send the successful transaction copy from your email address along with your video, website or product page.
  • We will work for you and you will start to get views as per your purchase.
  • You may also get some surprise offers and gifts periodically.

Rules and Regulations

It is important to read the rules and get an understanding of what is and what is NOT allowed in our community.
Once you've read the rules and have a confident understanding, you can proceed with our community.


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